Debra Tetting - Occupational Leadership Development Director

Deb began working for the FCP Education Department as the Occupational Leadership Development Director in July 2019. She oversees the College Internship Program, the Summer Youth Employment Program, the Tribal Leadership Development Program and the Youth Apprenticeship Program. Deb works with tribal and community members to help them discover their career pathway and gain career and leadership experience. Prior to working for FCP, she worked as a college instructor, Dean of Education for Globe University, and Center Director for Upper...

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Mary Doane - Higher Education Director

Mary Mattson

Mary has worked for the Education Department as the Higher Education Academic Advisor since December 2018. Every summer since 2016 Mary has been a Camp Leader for Summer Day Camp.

Prior to working for the tribe Mary was a Math Tutor for University of Wisconsin Oshkosh....

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Sarah Thomaschefsky - Assistant Division Director of Education and Culture

Sarah has worked for the Education Department since October 2013.  She oversees Gte-Ga-Nes preschool, K-12, and Higher Education. Sarah spends her days working in the Crandon, Wabeno, and Laona schools helping individual students with their specific needs so that each student can be successful in completing their educational goals. Sarah looks at grades, attendance, strengths, and weaknesses to help assist her in setting up individualized plans for the students.   Prior to working in the FCP Education Department, she worked as...

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Myra VanZile - Youth Educational Services Liaison

Myra has worked for Forest County Potawatomi since 2004 as the Home School Coordinator, where she worked with students, parents, and teachers. She then transferred into the position of Youth Education Services Liaison. Her responsibility is to oversee the academics of students Kindergarten through 12th grade in the Crandon, Laona, and Wabeno School Districts by keeping on contact with teachers and students....

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