Gte Ga Nes

Gte-Ga-Nes Preschool is a comprehensive learning program for children ages 3-6 years. First-year students (must be 3 by September 1 to attend) are introduced to a school setting with activities, projects and play that incorporates Wisconsin core curriculum standards of learning for academic, social and physical development. The program is an important step toward Kindergarten readiness and long-term learning success.


The Gte Ga Nes program will provide a progressive, multifaceted learning environment that strives for the academic success of every student and the individualized development of each child’s spirit.  Students will be encouraged to explore and experience their way through learning about their world, with a hands-on approach to education.


Debra Tetting, Ph.D.
Early Childhood Director


Monday-Thursday 8:30am -1pm
(doors open at 8:20am)
Monday-Thursday 7am-5pm

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Bus Info

Bus Info

Gte-Ga-Nes bus routes include a Carter route, a Stone Lake area route.

For Bus Schedule Changes: Please call the preschool main number well ahead of the scheduled route time for changes in pick-ups/drop-offs- 715-478-7359.  Bus driver and riders cannot receive calls during the route, for safety and monitoring reasons. The riders do have the ability to check messages from our main office and make any necessary calls out during stops only. Parents must call to reschedule pick-up if their child has been gone for any reason, as the bus will not know to stop.

Parent Info

We have an open door policy. Please feel welcome to come and speak with any member of the preschool staff at any time during preschool office hours.

Please bring up any concerns or suggestions to the preschool director so that we may assist in resolving issues and/or bettering our program. Important links below:

Special Needs & Services

Gte-Ga-Nes staff strive to provide individualized care and instruction for all students. Please notify a team member if there is a particular need your child has. Staff will regularly reach out to parents/guardians if a need is determined, or a concern arises.  If necessary, especially in cases of behavioral challenges, a plan is put in place in collaboration with the parent(s)/guardian(s) to address the child’s needs.

See below for a sample plan.  See our Parent Info section Parent Handbook for any policies regarding handling of behavioral, medical and other issues.