Occupational Leadership

The Forest County Potawatomi Community recognizes that internships are important for its membership and community members to both gain professional work-related experience and enhanced confidence toward their career choices.  The Tribe also recognizes that tribal members and community members may wish to enrich their occupational experiences through participation in internships.

Occupational Leadership Staff

Occupational Leadership Programs

College Internship

The mission of the college internship program is to allow college-enrolled students an opportunity to further their understanding of their desired career path. Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in professional fields they are considering for a career.


  • Must be enrolled in a Higher Education Institution
  • Must be in good academic standing, with an overall GPA that must be at least 2.0.
  • Must be an enrolled Forest County Potawatomi Community Tribal member, descendant, and/or spouse
  • Must pass a criminal background check and drug test.

Youth Apprenticeship (CAPITOL)

The mission of the CAPITOL program is to provide students with a work-based learning experience to further master their employability skills and prepare them for future employment opportunities. This program requires students to demonstrate proficiency of competencies in technical skill development. Upon completion of the program, students will receive an Employability Skills Certificate to recognize their accomplishments.

  • Students must be in junior and senior academic standing, and an enrolled Forest County Potawatomi Tribal member, descendant, or a community member. Job placement priority goes to FCP Tribal members.
  • Must work for an employer at least 450 paid hours for .5 credit. Must work for at least 90 unpaid hours for .5 credit.
  • If students are leaving campus to attend work, they must show proof of attending work at least 50% of the time released from campus course scheduling.
  • Must prove consistent and adequate progress on work skills and work hours to receive passing grades for work study credits.
  • Can complete hours in summer.
  • Cannot be deficient in core classwork for schedules using school hours. Students who fall below a passing grade in coursework will be suspended from leaving during the school day to complete work hours until all course grades are above passing.
  • Interview with employer.
  • Currently enrolled in job-related coursework.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Evidence of adequate work ethic as evidenced by attendance, academic, and behavioral records.
  • The student’s guardian must accept responsibility for any overt negligence or acts of malice that cause the employer financial loss.

Summer Youth Employment (SYE)

The mission of SYE is to enhance the future of our youth by providing an opportunity for career enrichment. We strive to provide a realistic employment opportunity for our youth to learn about various careers options, establish a working relationship with a Forest County Potawatomi employee and provide an enlightening experience for each participant that is guiding them in the direction of their life plan.

  • Must be 14 years old – 17 years old and an enrolled Forest County Potawatomi Tribal member, descendant, or a community member. Job placement priority goes to FCP tribal members.
  • All applications and necessary documents must be completed and turned into Human Resources by the application deadline. Any application received by Human Resources after deadline will be placed with remaining placement openings.
  • Any student who is credit deficient will be required to attend summer school to make up any missing credits. This plan and contract must be agreed on before the end of the school year.
  • All students must be in good academic standing with their school district to be eligible for the SYE program. Students must have an attendance rate of 70% or higher in order to be eligible for this program.

Tribal Leadership Development (TLDP)

The mission of the TLDP is to provide a dynamic leadership development program and tailored career path for members of the Forest County Potawatomi Community.  This comprehensive, dual track program creates transferable knowledge and skills necessary to support continued success within their career aspirations. The goal is to develop and hone member’s skills so they can confidently step into leadership positions.

  • Be an enrolled Tribal member, spouse or descendant of the Forest County Potawatomi Community.
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older and must have HS Diploma, HSED, GED.
  • If interested in placement at the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino or the Potawatomi Carter Casino and Hotel, have met the stringent criteria set forth by the Gaming Commission to acquire and maintain a gaming license as issued by the Gaming Commission.
  • Must pass a criminal background check and drug test.
  • Must submit a complete application.

Staff Contact Info

Debra Tetting

Occupational Leadership Development Director


Sharell Hill

Tribal Leadership Coordinator


Courtney Crum

Occupational Leadership Coordinator


Sheenah Welch

Vocational Advisor


Who is eligible for services?

  • All enrolled members of the Forest County Potawatomi Community participating in an Internship program are priority, those certified as eligible for enrollment by the Enrollment Department (or Enrollment Committee) and Community Members shall be eligible for the Internship Program.
  • Members participating in this program must be an eligible candidate for employment per Forest County Potawatomi Enterprise Employee or Forest County Potawatomi Government Program guidelines and policies unless a waiver is granted by the Executive Council.
  • Students participating in the Internship program must be in good academic standing per Education Program Policies.

For more info, call 715-478-7355