Message from the Division Administrator

Education Director - Thomas Boelter
Tom Boelter

The Creator has blessed us – we have a lot to be grateful for. We wake up each morning giving thanks for being alive and able to enjoy the wonderful gifts. We give thanks to our elders for the wisdom they offer us. We think about yesterday and are thankful that today can be an even better day.

Recognizing that we can’t be in control of all things is sometimes hard. We want what is best for all of those around us. Our job is to create an environment where all those spirits around us can be successful. We can only control our self, but we must show respect for all those around us.

These past few years, we the community have been very successful creating this environment as I have mentioned above. The fruits of our work can be seen in the majority of our children with an average of 95% of our youth graduating in the last 4 years, and slightly more than 80% going to college or a trade school.

While we celebrate for those that have been successful, we continue to look for ways to improve our environment until all of our community can be a part of this positive direction. It is for this reason, I am grateful to our leadership for their decision to make a major investment which will bring more opportunity for positive growth.

The development of a new Community Center “Recreation Center” will provide a place that fosters positive growth in many needed areas. It will provide a place for many new beginnings. I am very excited for this center to be a start of an extension to enhanced educational opportunity, with the potential to start our own school or higher levels of education.  Most importantly, it will be a place for the community to convene giving an opportunity to instill our culture back within all of us.

In closing, let us always keep those struggling in mind and lend a hand where it is needed.  Always think of creating that environment where all good things can happen.  All the Best!


Thomas Boelter